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British Intervention

video  |  sound  |  dramaturgy 

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"British Intervention is a contemporary art collective consisting of three performance artists based in London and Manchester, UK. Having trained together at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance on the college's radical and innovative European Theatre Arts programme, British Intervention’s founding was in response to the events and sustained aftermath of the 2015 General Election, as a body through which artists can unite, collaborate and create socio-politically aware performance in an era of post-truth politics. Art is a Weapon and British Intervention exists to weaponize art. As contemporary cross-platform artists our work is to challenge pre-existing notions and understandings of British Identity in the 21st Century. As well being a vehicle to creatively respond to the social, political and economic order of our times through performance, British Intervention is also a project in practical and creative response to contemporary performance analysis and European theatre-training models, with each member pooling their own influences and areas of speciality, in order to synthesise stylistic, aesthetic and dramaturgical modes of performance, in pursuit of an adaptable and pluralised contemporary model, which is robust and consistently adaptable for the necessarily ever-changing landscape of contemporary art."


James Francis  |   Aiden Ross   

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